Last week, I just happened to stumble across a YouTube video from the female entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Mel Robbins. I had heard of her previously, and even seen some of her videos, but the sheer simplicity of this one just took me by surprise.

The video is addressed to women but has equal relevance to all genders – and actually – all industries. Yet in the PR industry, and throughout my career (even now), I still tend to make this ‘mistake’.

Mel argues in the video that there are two types of work, both visible and invisible. Written note taking is the example she hones in on here – and in a meeting setting. By taking notes, you show yourself to be invisible as you are not participating and contributing towards the discussion. Moreover, she makes a valid point that putting the memo transcribe setting on your phone will take the notes for you, and then the file can be converted and transcribed automatically, saving a lot of time.

Taking care of the ‘invisible’ side of work through technology should not be underestimated. It allows you to project yourself better and partake more in the ‘visible’ – which in this case, is to say more and have a point of view during meetings. Ultimately this is the type of presence which you will be remembered for in the workplace, and this simple ‘workhack’ helps you get there.

For a PR pro, how great would this be for brainstorms? Where some graduates are often asked to write up notes, but then cannot call out any great ideas they might have due to the fear of missing ideas which are called out by others!

I would hazard a guess, that like me, many of you do not consider applying the memo transcribing trick during meetings to work smarter. I for one will be leaving my pen behind and giving this a go during my next meeting!

See the video in full here.

By Ked Mather, Senior Account Director

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